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RBN is a "FREE STYLE" Networking Group
No Mandatory Attendance, No Restrictions, No Rules & No Penalties

Welcome to Orange County's Premier Business Networking Group

RBN is one of the largest & most active business networking
groups in Southern California.  We have proudly served 
over 25,000 business professionals since 1995.  

Our mission is to provide you and your company with effective 
business networking sessions, innovative marketing programs and 
educational networking tools to promote and grow your business. 

Special RBN Membership Offer during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

$200 Off your Membership.
No Annual Renewals!
You can start your RBN Membership with Only a $95 deposit.
Balance can be paid in 2, 3 or 4 Monthly Payments!

Plus Free Unlimited Advertising of your Business in our
Weekly Email Broadcast Program!

Date & Time
Venue & Program
Info & RSVP


Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic,
RBN is postponing all their live and
in-person networking events
to later dates.

Your health and safety is
our NUMBER ONE priority!



During this Pandemic, Since there
are No Physical Networking Events,
Let us Advertise and Broadcast
your Products and/or Services
Every Wednesday to our
Large Database of Orange County Businesses, Consumers
and RBN Members!

RBN Special Email Broadcasting
Service for your Business
and Services During these
Challenging Times!

We will let our large member base know about your Products and/or Services
and let them know that you are open
for Business and Love to Serve Them!

This program allows you to shout out
your business offerings to over 5,000
other businesses and consumers
in Orange County every week.

If you are not yet a member of RBN,
by joining RBN now, in addition to
our Special Covid-19 discount and
other valuable benefits, we will also
offer you this Service is Free!


We do not claim to be the best... Our members do!

Why Join RBN?

One Large Networking Organization
One Membership
All Orange County
Over 50 Productive & Fun Networking Events a year


NO Annual Renewal FEES
No Restrictions
No Exclusivity
No Rules
No Penalties
Attend events as your time permit
Directory Listing
Communicate with 3,000+ Members
Free Tables at RBN Luncheons
And So Much More!

Join the Largest Networking Group in Southern California
with Over 3,000 Members & 25 Years in the Making!

This Month's Special RBN Membership Offer:
$200 Discount and Free Unlimited Advertising of your Business!

Relationship Building Network, Inc. (RBN) - Your Premier Business Networking Group since 1995
Corporate Offices: Irvine, California - Phone: (949) 830-5776
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